CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center

The goal of the CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is to develop and validate state-of-the-art CAPE/PSE methods and tools, and the technologies for future chemical and bio-based processes.

Foto: Klaus Holsting

CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center

The CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center develops Computer Aided Systems for Chemical and Biochemical Product-Process Modelling/Simulation, Synthesis, Design, Analysis and Control/Operation for Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Food and Biochemical Industries.

CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center

The CAPEC-PROCESS Research Center focus on Biocatalytic Processes and Fermentation Technology at micro-, bench- and pilot scale. Experimental work at full-scale is performed in close collaboration with our industrial partners.

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